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Water birth

Women who birth in the water report higher satisfaction with the birthing process (source: healthline.com). This is because birthing in water helps relieve pain and gives the mother more mobility during labour (Shaw-Battista 2017), among many other advantages. A birth pool can be used at home or at the hospital. Use a birth pool for comfortable and safe water birth.


What is a water birth? How does it work? In what bath can a mother give birth? We have the answers to ensure you can make an informed decision.
All about water birth


There are a variety of reasons for choosing a water birth. Below, we will explore both the advantages and the potential disadvantages of a water birth.
The pros and cons


If you don’t have any medical complications related to your pregnancy, you should have the option to have a water birth at home or in the hospital.
At home or in the hospital


Women who experience a water birth tend to have a more positive experience of childbirth than women who experience a land birth.
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