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Carefree birth in water

What is a birth pool and what is the right choice for you? We have the answers to all your questions so that you can give birth in a birth pool without any worries.

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Water Birth

Giving birth in water has many advantages. We would like to inform you about giving birth in water, the birthing pool and its advantages.

Natural form of pain relief;

Relaxation between contractions;

You have freedom of movement;

Peaceful start for the baby;

At home or in more than 40 hospitals.

This is the photo of the month December. The photo was taken by: Daniëlle Veenhof

Birth Pool in a Box

Developed together with pregnant women and midwives.
Birthpools is the official partner of Birth Pool in a Box for Europe.

Water stays at the right temperature;

With an integrated seat;

The world's most widely used birth pool;

Recommended by midwives;

Most widely used birth pool in hospitals.

Why do you buy from us?

Arranged from A to Z

Everything about receiving, setting up, filling, using, emptying, cleaning and returning our birth pool can be seen in this video.

Everything you need for your bath delivery

Buy or rent a birth pool with a complete water birth kit.

Birth Pool in a Box is an all-in-one system

With the Birth Pool in a Box liner, giving birth in the birth pool is trouble-free.

100% of our customers recommend us

Our customers rate us
with a 9.5.

Safety and hygiene for you and your baby

Always new and original disposables, which is very safe.

Birth pools & Water birth kits

Get your Birth Pool, Water birth kits and Accessories here.

A liter for a liter

With every order, we donate 650 litres of water to the Third World. We have now donated 6,319,100 litres of water to MadeBlue. Good for at least 87 people for 10 years or more.
More about madeblue
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