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What is a birth pool? Will it be right for you? We have the answers to all of your questions.

Water Birth

Research supports the many advantages of water birth. These include providing significant pain relief during labour, promoting relaxation between contractions, and facilitating mobility for the mother. For birthing in water, our birth pools, and the advantages of water birth check for more information.

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Water Birth Resources

More than 300 Midwifery Clinics and 28 Hospitals in Europe use our birth pools. Read more on how to have a safe water birth, how you prepare, and how a birth pool works. Mothers are also excited to share their personal water birth stories, pictures, and videos with you.

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Birth Pool in a Box

official European supplier

Inflatable Birth Pool

Our birth pools are the most practical, dependable, and convenient birth pools on the market. They are the birth pools used most widely by hospitals and by home birthing mothers alike.

Our birth pools were designed and developed over ten years by expert midwives and gynaecologists, in collaboration with pregnant women.
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A liter for a liter

For every birth pool ordered, we donate 650 liters of water. The number of liters used to fill a birth pool to MadeBlue.
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