Wir kümmern uns um Ihre Wassergeburt.

It was a bit of a last-minute decision for us to go for a bath delivery after all. The hospital where we wanted to give birth also offered the possibility to do a bath delivery and that was something I really wanted. Within a day I already had the bath in my house.

On the day itself, we took everything in the box to the hospital, and within 3 quarters of an hour, my husband had set up the birth pool. The manual was constructive, and also the instruction video on the website clearly showed how to set up the bath.

Because my opening up went very fast, I already had press contractions when I stepped into the bath, but it felt like coming home. The warm water and the space I had in the bath made me so relaxed that I even experienced the hours that followed as very pleasant. The midwives present also found the delivery very beautiful and soothing. In the end, the little one was not born underwater, but thanks to the bath I had an almost painless and totally relaxed delivery which I look back on with a happy heart.

The 'breaking down' of the birth pool was similarly done. Because there is a clear division between 'disposable' material and the items that have to be returned, the cleaning up was done quickly. Within a few days, the birth pool was picked up again. Perfect service.

Should there ever be another delivery, I will do it in exactly the same way and order another bath via bevallingsbaden.nl Only this time I will order the braces (editors: the anchor), I didn't have them now and I did miss them a bit.

But again it was a fantastic experience, with professional materials and very good service, with a beautiful son as a reward. That's all a person could wish for, right?

Family van der Meij with son Marc - Katwijk

First of all, thank you for the quick delivery. In the afternoon after 2's I called and the next day the bath was neatly delivered. After opening the box first read the manual, then effortlessly inflated the bath within 20 minutes and practised a bit with the tarpaulin. I found the manual very clear and complete.

Once my partner's contractions started 10 days late, I effortlessly filled the bath within 50 minutes. I was a bit lucky with the temp of the water because she only entered the bath around 6.5 hours after filling and the water was exactly at 38 degrees (sometimes everything is fine). That was also the moment she had enough access and could start pressing. The first thing she said when she entered the bath ... oh this is nice. The pressing took just over an hour so the water couldn't cool down very much either.

The moment our daughter was born was very beautiful because the transition was so gradual. The baby experienced very little stress. It was nice to have a scoop with which we could keep the water clean while exfoliating.

Discharging the bath the next day went super and also cleaning up was easy because I could fold everything in the inner cover and dumped it in the garbage container.

All in all, we look back on a very successful delivery that went exactly as we had wished. We were more than satisfied with your bath. Clear instructions and great accessories. We will recommend your baths to everyone. Thank you very much for making this fantastic delivery possible and if we have a baby in the future we will definitely come back.

Mr Buining about his partner's water delivery - Heemstede

Our experience with the birth pool was great!

Setting it up was very easy, and the water stayed nice and warm.
From half-past 4 in the afternoon until half-past 1 in the evening I was able to cope perfectly with the contractions in the birth pool, unfortunately, the dilatation did not go steadily and in the end, I had to give birth in the hospital, but also in the birth pool!

The cleaning up was very easy and it was done in the same way. Sending back with the fact that everything is picked up at home is super nice, especially when you are in such a busy and special period.

I would like to thank you for the perfect sound and good service.

Herewith a picture of our girl Mila, a real water child ? she even falls asleep when she takes a bath now.

Thanks again!

Family Weaver with daughter Mila - Wieringerwaard

My bathing experience was really great! The warmth that makes your pain more bearable and you really feel weightless. I've been hanging over the edge the whole time, puffing away the contractions. And I have really noticed that the sharpness of the contractions goes off because of the warm water!

I asked if my husband came into the water, so I came with my back against my husband's belly, he held me under my upper legs and so I could squeeze Lieve out well. I saw her under the water and Lieve soon came up and was given to me. Such a warm body against me and together with my husband we could enjoy. When I went out of the bath, after the placenta was born, my husband took her and stayed with Lieve in the bath for a while.

My delivery didn't last for 2 hours. And afterwards, I would have liked to take a bath sooner because I could have focused better on the bath and space. I know that my husband thought setting up and cleaning up the bath was ideal and also the pumping out went very well. Certainly, also the hygienic cover that was in it, to clean it up like that and go to the click. The building up of the bath and also the use of the hose, everything was good and well described.

Dear is my 7th child but if I had known all this I would have given birth 6 times earlier in your bath. What an experience and what a pity that it is already over.

Heidi and Sander Hogendorf with daughter Lieve - Ommen

The birth pool was delivered as agreed. It always remains to be seen whether the birth pool will be used because childbirth is unpredictable and there is no certainty of giving birth in water. The delivery guarantee that is given if the birth pool is not used we find a pleasant side effect.

At the start of the contractions, the box was opened and I started setting up the bath. I had seen the instruction video twice beforehand to get an idea of how it would all work.

With the help of the enclosed manual, the bath is easy to set up. Everything has been thought of. The inflating of the bath, the couplings for the tap and hose, even the pumping out of the bath. Homebirth is exciting enough and without too much effort the bath was ready. Setting it up for the first time was easy for me.

Filling the bath takes some time. The bath is big enough for two people to sit in. For us, giving birth in the bath has really been an unforgettable and special experience.

Cleaning up the bath went pretty fast. The pumping out went quite smoothly. The cover that can be used to put everything in and throw it away is ideal. The remaining stuff could be put back in the box. Super that the box was picked up again.

In short, everything is well organized and quite simple. We are very satisfied and we would certainly recommend you to others.

Family Room with daughter Jula - Hazerswoude

Our experiences with Birth Pool in a Box were very good. He got in plenty of time. Because our previous son was born 2 weeks too early, it gave a quiet feeling. The instructions were clear. First, we had to wait a few more days before the bath could be put on.

The setup itself went fine. For a moment, my partner was afraid we'd need a second inside cover. The midwife said after everything was already filled and I was already lying in it, that it could also be a 'false alarm'. Apparently we seemed a little too relaxed. Luckily it wasn't a false alarm and our son swam into the world very smoothly and very relaxed in the bath. For our maternity aid her 3rd bath delivery in 15 years. She said she could tell the difference with a regular birth by how quiet our baby was afterwards. Also for the mothers, she saw the difference. Fewer complications. The warm water seems to really help.

The comfortable thick edges of the bath, the seat, the handles and even the drinking bowl were all pleasant and convenient. After giving birth, you can still enjoy each other in the warm water with your baby. Apparently the bath didn't cool down quickly either. We did wonder about that beforehand. Cleaning up was (according to my partner) also easy. Conveniently with the pump the water out, and then the bath is so empty and folded.

We advise everyone, if possible, to give birth in the bath at home!

Thanks for the good service!

Marloes and Maurice Hoogeweg - Velp

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