Wir kümmern uns um Ihre Wassergeburt.

The sharpness of the contractions goes off because of the warm water!

November 30, 2017

My bathing experience was really great! The warmth that makes your pain more bearable and you really feel weightless. I've been hanging over the edge the whole time, puffing away the contractions. And I have really noticed that the sharpness of the contractions goes off because of the warm water!

I asked if my husband came into the water, so I came with my back against my husband's belly, he held me under my upper legs and so I could squeeze Lieve out well. I saw her under the water and Lieve soon came up and was given to me. Such a warm body against me and together with my husband we could enjoy. When I went out of the bath, after the placenta was born, my husband took her and stayed with Lieve in the bath for a while.

My delivery didn't last for 2 hours. And afterwards, I would have liked to take a bath sooner because I could have focused better on the bath and space. I know that my husband thought setting up and cleaning up the bath was ideal and also the pumping out went very well. Certainly, also the hygienic cover that was in it, to clean it up like that and go to the click. The building up of the bath and also the use of the hose, everything was good and well described.

Dear is my 7th child but if I had known all this I would have given birth 6 times earlier in your bath. What an experience and what a pity that it is already over.

Heidi and Sander Hogendorf with daughter Lieve - Ommen

Baby girl with the birthpools logo.
Baby girl with the birthpools logo.
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