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Emptying and cleaning a birth pool

After use, the birth pool can be emptied and cleaned. Below, we will take you step-by-step through this process.

Emptying the birth pool

After the mother has exited the pool, the water can be removed from the pool. First, remove any debris from the water with the strainer. Discard the debris. Use the submersible water pump to pump the water out of the pool. Detach the hosefrom the tap and make sure that the hose is directed in the toilet, underneath the toilet seat. Placing the hose this way will ensure that it will not move. You can also direct the hose into another drain. Next, you will attach the other end of the hose onto the adaptor nozzle of the water pump. Lower the pump to the bottom of the pool, with any suction cups facing down to the floor. Tip: Wedge the hose in between the seat and the side. When putting the power plug into the electrical socket (the cord is 5 meters) the pump should start pumping. Emptying the pool will take about 30 minutes. In the last 10 minutes of pumping, please don’t leave the water pump unattended.

At some point, the pump will start sucking air. Empty the top ring to remove the liner and pull it together so that the remaining water can also be pumped away. Unplug the pump when once the water stops flowing.

When the water is pumped out of the pool, place all the disposables in the liner. This includes the water hose, submersible water pump, fitted heat cover, floor cover, anti-slip mat, thermometer, tap connector, strainer etc. The disposable liner can be used as a bag for all of these items, which can be thrown away. Only the birth pool, the inflate/deflate air pump and connectors should remain. These can be sent back.

Cleaning the birth pool

Ensure that the birth pool is completely clean and dry before folding. Clean the birth pool with a cloth and detergent. Then dry with a towel or air dry. It is important that no blood remains on the pool, since this can permanently corrode the birth pool.

Folding and packing the birth pool

After emptying and cleaning, the birth pool can be folded and packed away into the nylon bag.

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