We take care of your water birth.

Folding a birth pool

After completely cleaning and drying the birth pool, it can be folded. It is important to ensure that the birth pool is folded and placed into the bag without damaging it. Below, you will find one possible way to fold the pool.

After completely cleaning and drying the birth pool, it can be folded. Folding instructions are included with the birth pool for your convenience. Please make sure to handle the birth pool carefully so as to prevent any damage before placing it into the bag.

Rental birth pools

When you have rented a birth pool, for your convenience, we will make sure that the birth pool is picked up. This service is included in the price at no additional charge. This will prevent you from lugging a large box to the post office during the first week with your newborn. 

Safety and hygiene

After we receive the rental birth pool back, we will inspect and disinfect the pool completely to ensure that the next mother can safely and hygienically birth in the pool.

Have you decided to use one of our birth pools for your water birth?

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