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What is a water birth? How does it work? In what bath can a mother give birth? We have the answers to ensure you can make an informed decision about whether or not a water birth is right for you.

What is a Water Birth?

During a water birth, you will be submerged in warm water, in which you can partially labour, fully labour, and even birth your baby. The warm water provides hydrotherapy, which relaxes your body and encourages the production of endorphins, a natural form of pain relief. The safest and most hygienic place to birth in water is in a professional birth pool.
The water birth

What happens during a water birth?

Birthing in water happens in a professionally developed birth pool. During the active stage of labour (once the cervix starts dilating), you can enter the birth pool once you have reached 4 or 5 centimetres of dilation. The hydrotherapy of the warm water will alleviate the pain during contractions and allow you more mobility so you can assume different birthing positions, an option that will increase your comfort levels.
The progression of a water birth

What is a Birth Pool?

The birth pool is a pool specifically designed for birthing in water. Our birth pool was developed over ten years by expert midwives and gynaecologists, in collaboration with pregnant women.
characteristics of THE BIRTH POOL

Water birth with twins

Depending on national regulations, it is likely that if you are pregnant with twins you will have received medical advice to deliver your twins at the hospital. Contact your local hospital to see if they can accommodate a water birth.


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