We take care of your water birth.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a hot topic nowadays. We at Birthpools are also very aware of the impact we have on CO2, waste and sustainability.

What we do?

We plant trees with Trees for All

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We donate drinking water to the Third World with MadeBlue

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We recycle our birth pools with Edel Immersys

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Safety, hygiene and durability

In our industry, there is always a trade-off between safety, hygiene and sustainability. While we very clearly put the health of the pregnant woman first by not reusing any articles, we more than compensate for this through our CO2 policy, our recycling programme and our water projects for third world countries.

We work CO2-negative, we compensate via Trees for All more than we emit. We have a recycling programme for our birthing baths and support the MadeBlue foundation.

Trees for All

Through our cooperation with Trees for All, we compensate for our CO2 emissions. Even so much that we operate in a CO2 negative way (i.e. we compensate more than we produce). Through this foundation, we plant 150 trees every year, of which 75 in the Netherlands and 75 abroad. This ensures a CO2 offset of 10 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Trees for All plants trees for life

Trees for All is a CBF-recognised charity. They plant forests in the Netherlands and abroad for a better climate, more biodiversity and healthier living conditions.

For more information see: www.treesforall.nl

With every order, we donate 650 litres of water to the Third World. Exactly as much water as is used in a 2-person birth pool. By now, we have donated 12,032,600 litres of water to MadeBlue. Good for at least 165 people for 10 years or more.


The Made Blue Foundation wants to give as many people as possible access to clean drinking water. They invest in water projects in countries where this is badly needed.

For more information: www.madeblue.orghttps://www.madeblue.org.

Recycling programme


When the midwife or the hospital has a leaking professional delivery bath, it can be sent to us, after which we will assess the bath and if possible repair it free of charge. We do this in an invisible way, whereby the bath does not lose any of its functionality and strength. Then the bath is returned to the customer, so it can be used again for the bath delivery. In this way we prevent the need for unnecessary production of new baths.


For our delivery baths (professional and personal) we have a recycling programme. When we receive defective or written-off delivery baths, we make sure that they are prepared for recycling. When we have a full pallet of delivery baths, we send them to the recycling company and the raw materials are used again for various consumer products.

With us you choose:

  • The health of mother and baby;
  • Clean drinking water in third world countries;
  • And the planet.

The most sustainable provider in Europe for good reason!

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