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Setting up a birth pool

Inflating and filling the birth pool with water will take about 1 hour total. Please make sure to start this process in a timely manner. At 4cm to 5 cm dilation, the birthing mother can enter the pool. Once the midwife/gynaecologist has determined that the mother is in active labour, you can start with setting up the birth pool. With the optional Heat Cover, the water temperature of the water will decrease 0,5 degrees an hour.

Inflate the birth pool

Make sure that the floor on which you place the birth pool is clean. Use the Floor Cover to protect your floor. The Floor Cover also contains an anti-slip layer so that the mother can enter and exit the bath safely. You have to unfold the birth pool on top of the Floor Cover.

Inflating the birth pool will take about 15 minutes. The birth pool consists of 5 air chambers, which you can inflate with the Electric Air Pump. The provided Inflate/Deflate Air Pump ensures that you cannot inflate the birth pool too hard.  You start by inflating the bottom of the pool and the seat first. Make sure that you smooth out wrinkles and folds from the bottom.

Next, inflate the bottom and middle side chambers completely. You should inflate the top side chamber halfway (so that it sags) in order to make it possible for the Disposable Liner to be fitted.

Place birth pool liner

Place the Disposable Liner on the pool, completely covering the top chamber. The liner has a cut out for the cupholder, so use this as your reference.

After you have put the Disposable Liner in position, you can complete the inflation of the top chamber. After inflation, the Disposable Liner should fit perfectly. Now the birth pool is ready to be filled with warm water.

* Decide, before filling the birth pool with water, where you want to place it. After filling the birth pool, you will be unable to move it around. Read more about preparations for a water birth here.

Filling the birth pool

Attach the Water Hose to the tap. The hose is 10 meters long.  Use one of the provided couplings to connect the Hose. Make sure to check well in advance if one of the couplings provided fits on your tap. Attach the Hose to the birth pool by pulling it through the hose holder. By doing so, the Hose will be secured.

Place the thermometer in the pool, so that you can check and ensure that the water temperature remains between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees. Fill the birth pool first until the minimum height, which is indicated on the inner side of the Liner. Filling it until this level will ensure that you can top up the pool with warm water during the water birth. Filling up the birth pool will take about 45 minutes.

Birth pool ready for use

The birth pool is now ready for use. Read how to use the birth pool.

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