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Birthsupport is a sister company of Birthpools. Here you can find all products around giving birth in water. Birth pools, disposables, accessories, and the fixed birth pool for hospitals.
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Birth Pool in a Box

Birthpools is the importer for Europe of Birth Pool in a Box, the FP3 fixed birth pool and all related products.

Special concepts for midwives and Hospitals

We also have special concepts for practices, hospitals and birth centers. We work according to the guidelines of NICE and the KNOV.

If you, as a healthcare professional, do business directly with us, then you are guaranteed a guarantee and the best service.
Birth pool in box pro from above with liner, hose and floor cover.


As a midwife, you would like to purchase your own delivery bath? Visit our business portal. We offer low-threshold concepts, so that you can get started without much hassle and offer service to your client.

Recommendations for water birth care are available with us.
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We have partnerships with more then 30 hospitalsin Europe. We offer a special hospital concept from A to Z. This concept is for the hospital fully cost-recovery and time-efficient. Safety and hygiene are at a high level.

Before the start of any collaboration, we provide a workshop for all employees.
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