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Benefits of water birth

Husband supporting his wife giving birth in a birth pool.
Husband supporting his wife giving birth in a birth pool.

Are you considering a water birth? If so, it will be good to know the advantages of birthing in water, such as:

  • Pain alleviation during contractions
  • Decreased chance of tearing or episiotomy
  • Freedom of movement

Read more about the advantages of a water birth below.

Pain alleviation

Warm water relaxes

Many healthcare professionals view water births as a natural form of pain relief. The warm water has an analgesic effect on the labouring mother and allows for a more relaxing and soothing birth experience that decreases pain. The woman’s body is less likely to secrete stress-related hormones. Instead, her body will produce pain inhibitors – endorphins – that complement labour and decrease pain—the need to use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or an epidural decreases.

Freedom of movement

Feeling weightless

In the water, you are weightless. This allows you to move freely and to lighten the heaviness of your belly. The water will make it easier for you to move around and assume comfortable birthing positions, as compared to birthing in a bed. Taking on a variety of different birthing positions in water helps progress labour.

Decreased chance of tearing or episiotomy

Warm water relaxes

Many mothers worry about tearing or needing an episiotomy. The advantage of water birth is that labour tends to progress more gradually, allowing the perineum to stretch gradually. Because of the warm water, the perineum is also more supple, which decreases the chance of tearing or an episiotomy.

Calm start for the baby

Tranquil water baby

A water birth allows the baby to be born in warm water. This results in a calmer transition for the baby from the mother’s birth canal into the world. Babies born through water birth are called water babies. In general, water babies are born more calmly and will generally not scream or cry when born.

A better experience for the partner

Labouring together

Your partner has an active role during your water birth. Your partner will have to set up the birth pool and fill it with warm water. Besides, your partner can manage the water temperature during labour—ensuring that the water stays at a comfortable temperature. Many partners have indicated that they feel more useful when they can actively partake in the mother’s comfort and wellbeing.

Want to know more?

Are you convinced that water birth is the right option for you and your baby? Please find more information about renting and buying options for our birth pool. Want to know more about water birth? Please consult the information below:

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