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Water birth with twins possible?

Pregnant woman at the beach.
Pregnant woman at the beach.

When you are pregnant with twins, you will have gotten a medical indication to deliver your twins at the hospital. This may limit your ability to have a full water birth experience in a birth pool.

Discuss the option of a partial waterbirth with your local hospital and the possibility of spending the first stage of labour, during the active phase, in the birth pool. This way, you can still enjoy the advantages of water birth—the relaxation, pain management, and freedom of movement during labour—while also adhering to the hospital guidelines. The second stage of labour will have to take place in the hospital bed.

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Even when you are expecting twins, you can still use a birth pool and enjoy the benefits of water birth. Would you like to know what hospitals participate near you and what the advantages of water birth are? Please see the following pages:

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