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Water birth at the hospital

Baby being born in a birth pool.
Baby being born in a birth pool.

Are you interested in a water birth but prefer to do so in a hospital or birth centre? Water birth is still an option. Many hospitals offer the option of having a water birth. And even if your hospital doesn’t have a birth pool available, it still might be possible to bring your own.  

Water birth with a medical condition

Even when in the hospital with a medical condition, it is still possible to enter the birth pool during labour. Please make sure to consult with your gynaecologist, midwives, or the obstetrics department in your hospital. 

Hospitals that support water births

Birthpools works with a variety of hospitals around Europe. These hospitals choose our birth pools and working method to ensure that they are not only meeting but exceeding their own hygiene and safety requirements. 

Below, you will find some of the hospitals that use our birth pools and where you can have a water birth:

Have you decided to use one of our birth pools for your water birth?

Take a look here in the shop at the range of birth pools and kits that meet all requirements.


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