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Clothing for water birth

Clothing to wear when giving birth in birth pool.
Clothing to wear when giving birth in birth pool.

When birthing in water, it is up to you whether you wear clothing and, if you, what you will wear—however you feel comfortable. We have listed a few things to consider when deciding on the right choice for you.


The parts of your body that are submerged in water won’t cool down easily. The parts of your body that are above water might feel colder compared to the warm water. You can therefore choose to wear a top to keep your upper body warm. At regular room temperature in a draft-free environment your body won’t cool down significantly and this shouldn’t be a problem.


Will pictures and videos be taken? Perhaps you would feel more comfortable wearing a top/bra/shirt for this reason. This may make you feel more comfortable sharing pictures with family and friends.

Outside the birth pool

When you are birthing, you might leave the birth pool intermittently. Read more about what a water birth involves here. Towels and a bathrobe will ensure that you stay comfortable and warm. Are you spending part of your labour on the bed? Then it might be nice to put a top on to stay warm. After the baby is born, it is wonderful to lay your baby on your bare chest for skin-to-skin bonding.

Underpants or bikini bottoms

The midwife will perform internal examinations to determine the progress of your dilation during labour. When you wear underpants or a bikini bottom, you will have to remove this each time an internal exam is done. During the second stage of labour (when pushing) you won’t be able to wear any bottoms.


The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed in the birth pool. Do you feel more comfortable without any clothing on or exactly the opposite? Make sure to follow your own instinct and make decisions accordingly.

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