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Water birth tips for partners

Woman using the edge and her husband for support giving birth in a birth pool.
Woman using the edge and her husband for support giving birth in a birth pool.

Birthing in water requires some extra preparations from you as the partner. You can set up and fill the birth pool. You should support your partner when exiting and entering the pool and ensure that she stays hydrated and stays comfortable.

The birth pool is easy to use. All items are new, clean, and hygienic. An English instruction manual is included which explains step by step how to set up the birth pool. The pool is inflated within 15 minutes and filled with water within 45 minutes. Altogether, within an hour the birth pool is ready for use!

In this short video, you can view how to set up, use, and pack away the birth pool. Under the heading usage tips, we have outlined this process more extensively.

Birthpools instruction video

If you have more questions after viewing our website, watching the video, and reading through the instructional manual, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are only an email or phone call away.

Your Birth Pool in a Box will contain all materials needed to prepare yourself optimally for a water birth. We provide everything you need for a safe and hygienic water birth.

Have you decided to use one of our birth pools for your water birth?

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