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User tips

Here you will find everything you need to know on how to set up, use, empty, and clean the birth pool. Below, you will find a short video with instructions as well as further usage tips and recommendations.

Setting Up your Birth Pool

Setting up your birth pool will take about 15 minutes. Filling the birth pool with water will take an additional 45 minutes, bringing the total to 1 hour for set up. The birth pool consists of 5 air compartments, which can be inflated with the electrical pump. You can fill your birth pool with a water hose and the provided tap/shower hose adaptor.
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How to Use your Birth Pool

The soft floor, seat, and edges of the birth pool ensure that you can find the most comfortable positions in which to labour and birth. The water will make your body feel weightless and allow you to move with ease. The handles on the sides of the birth pool can be used for support when entering and exiting the pool or during contractions. The soft floor of the pool allows you to sit comfortably on your knees for extended periods of time.
Further tips using a birth pool

Emptying & Cleaning the Birth Pool

After the mother has given birth, you can empty the pool by using the electric water pump provided. Before using the water pump, please use the strainer provided to remove any debris. These should be discarded. Detach the water hose from the tap and ensure that the water hose is hanging in the toilet, underneath the toilet seat. This will ensure that the hose will remain in place when emptying out the birth pool.
instructions for emptying & cleaning

Folding the Birth Pool

After you have drained, dried, and cleaned the birth pool, you can fold the birth pool. Please do so carefully, since it is important that the birth pool remains undamaged and fits in the provided bag. After usage, we will ensure front door pick up for your convenience.

Hygiene and Safety of the Birth Pool

Birthing in water has not been shown to increase risk levels for mothers or babies, as long as certain safety and hygienic standards are followed. Here we have listed some of the most important features of a safe and hygienic water birth.
More about Hygiene and Safety


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