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Why give birth in a birth pool?

Baby being born in a birth pool.
Baby being born in a birth pool.

Waterbirth is becoming increasingly more popular. As such, many midwifery clinics and hospitals provide the option to birth in our birth pool. Since water birth provides many advantages, more women are choosing to have a water birth.

Advantages of water birth

One of the many advantages of water birth is the calming and relaxing effect the warm water has on the mother. Other advantages are:

  • Pain alleviation during contractions
  • Decreased chance of tearing or episiotomy
  • Freedom of movement

Because of the above reasons, more women are choosing to opt to birth in a birth pool. Read more about the advantages of water birth.

Having a safe water birth

With the right preparations, water birth is as save as any other form of birthing. Also, you can have a water birth at home or in the hospital. Here you can read more about having a water birth at home or the hospital. In addition to the many advantages, a water birth provides, having a water birth does not jeopardize the safety of the mother or baby. Water births are as safe as other forms of birthing.

Will you choose for water birth?

Now you know why you should choose for a water birth. Want to know more about how a water birth progresses? Would you like more information about our birth pool? Please consult the below information:

Have you decided to use one of our birth pools for your water birth?

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