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My son swam very fast and very relaxed into the world!

October 5, 2016

Our experiences with Birth Pool in a Box were very good. He got in plenty of time. Because our previous son was born 2 weeks too early, it gave a quiet feeling. The instructions were clear. First, we had to wait a few more days before the bath could be put on.

The setup itself went fine. For a moment, my partner was afraid we'd need a second inside cover. The midwife said after everything was already filled and I was already lying in it, that it could also be a 'false alarm'. Apparently we seemed a little too relaxed. Luckily it wasn't a false alarm and our son swam into the world very smoothly and very relaxed in the bath. For our maternity aid her 3rd bath delivery in 15 years. She said she could tell the difference with a regular birth by how quiet our baby was afterwards. Also for the mothers, she saw the difference. Fewer complications. The warm water seems to really help.

The comfortable thick edges of the bath, the seat, the handles and even the drinking bowl were all pleasant and convenient. After giving birth, you can still enjoy each other in the warm water with your baby. Apparently the bath didn't cool down quickly either. We did wonder about that beforehand. Cleaning up was (according to my partner) also easy. Conveniently with the pump the water out, and then the bath is so empty and folded.

We advise everyone, if possible, to give birth in the bath at home!

Thanks for the good service!

Marloes and Maurice Hoogeweg - Velp

Baby with eyes open
Baby with eyes open


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