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If I'm allowed to give birth again, I'll do precisely the same.

August 22, 2020

It was a bit of a last-minute decision for us to go for a bath delivery after all. The hospital where we wanted to give birth also offered the possibility to do a bath delivery and that was something I really wanted. Within a day I already had the bath in my house.

On the day itself, we took everything in the box to the hospital, and within 3 quarters of an hour, my husband had set up the birth pool. The manual was constructive, and also the instruction video on the website clearly showed how to set up the bath.

Because my opening up went very fast, I already had press contractions when I stepped into the bath, but it felt like coming home. The warm water and the space I had in the bath made me so relaxed that I even experienced the hours that followed as very pleasant. The midwives present also found the delivery very beautiful and soothing. In the end, the little one was not born underwater, but thanks to the bath I had an almost painless and totally relaxed delivery which I look back on with a happy heart.

The 'breaking down' of the birth pool was similarly done. Because there is a clear division between 'disposable' material and the items that have to be returned, the cleaning up was done quickly. Within a few days, the birth pool was picked up again. Perfect service.

Should there ever be another delivery, I will do it in exactly the same way and order another bath via bevallingsbaden.nl Only this time I will order the braces (editors: the anchor), I didn't have them now and I did miss them a bit.

But again it was a fantastic experience, with professional materials and very good service, with a beautiful son as a reward. That's all a person could wish for, right?

Family van der Meij with son Marc - Katwijk

Baby with eyes open.
Baby with eyes open.


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