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The first thing she said when she stepped into the birth pool: "Oh, this is nice!"

March 15, 2019

First of all, thank you for the quick delivery. In the afternoon after 2's I called and the next day the bath was neatly delivered. After opening the box first read the manual, then effortlessly inflated the bath within 20 minutes and practised a bit with the tarpaulin. I found the manual very clear and complete.

Once my partner's contractions started 10 days late, I effortlessly filled the bath within 50 minutes. I was a bit lucky with the temp of the water because she only entered the bath around 6.5 hours after filling and the water was exactly at 38 degrees (sometimes everything is fine). That was also the moment she had enough access and could start pressing. The first thing she said when she entered the bath ... oh this is nice. The pressing took just over an hour so the water couldn't cool down very much either.

The moment our daughter was born was very beautiful because the transition was so gradual. The baby experienced very little stress. It was nice to have a scoop with which we could keep the water clean while exfoliating.

Discharging the bath the next day went super and also cleaning up was easy because I could fold everything in the inner cover and dumped it in the garbage container.

All in all, we look back on a very successful delivery that went exactly as we had wished. We were more than satisfied with your bath. Clear instructions and great accessories. We will recommend your baths to everyone. Thank you very much for making this fantastic delivery possible and if we have a baby in the future we will definitely come back.

Mr Buining about his partner's water delivery - Heemstede

The first thing she said when she stepped into the birth pool: "Oh, this is nice!"


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